What to do with your old electronics?

What To Do With Your Old Electronics?

According to Pew Research Center, approx 68% of US adults own at least one smartphone. For Variety, Americans are always connected, whether through an ipad, smartphone or smart TV. In fact, a typical US household would have at least 11 connected devices. But ever wonder what will happen to those gadgets after they are either obsolete, non-functional or broken?

Well besides sending them to your kitchen drawer, bedside table or the garage for all eternity. Most E Waste sometimes end up in landfills and only few are being sent for recycling. One of the most overlooked and potentially dangerous types of waste, E – Waste contains minute amounts of toxic chemicals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Which poses a threat to human health.

So what can you do to at least help reduce the amount of E-Waste ending up landfills, which according to the EPA, amounts to 4.6 million tons. Here are some things that you can do;


1. Look for the nearest drop-off site in your state – Probably the easiest thing that you can do is to search for the nearest recycling centers in your state. Or you can visit your local big box stores like Best Buy or Staples( both online and their physical ) or visit them online to verify what electronics they can accept for recycling.


2. Buy Less – Or better yet, take a look at what your needs are and try to buy the one who can do the most. Instead of buying multiple gadgets. Ask yourself, do you really need that new gadget, when it is still functional?. Think, before you buy.


3. Repurpose it – This one’s a little bit tricky, but this a great way to unleash your creativity in some way. Instead of throwing that old phone, why not use it as your home phone, or as an alarm clock. Laptops that can’t any longer hold their charge can be a home computer. For creative folks out there, maybe use your old electronics as a decoration? Maybe repurpose them into something creative. But be careful though when opening or dismantling them.


4. Donate Them – If you really want that shiny new smartphone, TV or any electronic devices, chances are, some of you are buying it because it’s the latest one on the market. So instead of throwing it away, why not give it to someone else or donate them to a charity shop or goodwill.


5. Learn to DIY Fix – This one takes a little bit of research and some precautions. But there are some tutorials online like iFix it. A website where everyone can access various tutorials on how to repair things like a cracked screen on a smartphone. But for bigger electronics, it’s best to seek professional help because of safety reasons. But doing a DIY route is a great way to further extend the shelf life of your electronics. Thus reducing the amount of E Waste ending up in landfills or recycling facilities.



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