Ways to re-purpose plastic waste

What Are Some Ways to Re-purpose Plastic Waste?

Plastic waste production is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues right now. As much as we want to minimize using disposable things, we end up bringing home another plastic bag because we tend to forget bringing a reusable grocery bag. We can’t disregard the fact that we are now living in a world where most of our everyday items are disposable. Single use plastic bottles are designed for exactly what it is, single use. It’s not safe to reuse single use plastic bottles for drinking. While most plastic bottles are recyclable, there are also lots of great ways you can reuse them for things other than drinking to minimize waste.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Plastics are one of the fastest segments of municipal solid waste (MSW). In addition, the plastic packaging category of MSW have contributed approx. 14 tons of plastic in 2017. With this dilemma, besides putting your trash on the recycling bin, how about repurposing some plastic waste to further reduce your plastic waste that ends up in landfills.


Here are different ways to repurpose plastic waste:


 In the Kitchen

Use coffee or peanut butter containers to store dry goods such as spices, salt, and sugar;

Use biodegradable plastic bags as hand gloves when cleaning up;

Biodegradable plastic bags can be used to hold kitchen scraps. Peel your vegetables into the plastic bag which you can easily transport and toss on a composting bin;

Use a plastic bottle to become snack bowls;
Plastic bottle as snack bowl

In the Garden

For larger plastic containers with a wide mouth, using them as an alternative for clay pots by repurposing them as an indoor planter in your house or greenhouse.

Biodegradable plastic bags can be used as pot lining for your plants;

Use laundry detergent bottles are a great way to be repurposed as a watering can;

Reuse Soda Bottles by Creating a Vertical Garden;

Reuse Plastic Bottles to Make a DIY Sprinkler



Plastic soda bottles can be used as a piggy bank. A great way to keep track of your savings for that trip you have always dreamed of. Well of course besides putting it in the bank of course.

Cleaning your showerhead with a plastic bag – the showerhead may not evenly spray often because its tiny holes have gotten plugged with mineral deposits;

Use shredded plastic wrappers or plastic bags as pillow stuffing.

Reuse plastic bags to handle pet waste instead of buying poop bags for pets;

Reuse Honey Bear Bottles by Making a Lamp
Honey Bear Bottle as a lamp


While some plastic waste is inevitable and can’t be repurposed such as plastics containers for hospital or industrial use, repurposing some plastic waste can greatly reduce the number of plastics that end up in landfills, thus reducing the need for another one in the future.

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