Ways To A Plastic-Free Shopping


Invented by accident, humble plastic ( a material made from semi-synthetic or synthetic in origins like coal and cellulose). Plastic, hailed as a revolutionary product, with a wide variety of uses across all industries. To one of the most polluting materials on the planet. With billions of being produced worldwide, ranging from food packaging to plastic bags, medical use plastics, for electronics, cosmetic packaging, and many more. Not to mention, the amount that is also being thrown in landfills, some ending up in oceans, waterways, canals, etc. Since plastic doesn’t degrade. No material on earth has ever reached the scale of global visibility, where even on the depths of the ocean to the space, plastic has been found.

A large number of the population, are starting to become aware of the consequences of plastics and their effects on the health and environment. A lot of people are starting to switch or at least making small adjustments to their lifestyle by going zero waste or at least reducing their plastic consumption. So here are some things you can do to go reduce your plastic waste.

1. REUSE, REUSE, and More REUSE 

Whether you bring your containers like a rigid reusable plastic container, glass, or metal containers. It is all about how often you use them to gain the benefit. It all boils down to stop using plastic and opt for containers that can be reused over and over again.


2. Consider your eating habits 

If you are someone who would prefer to go on a bulk shopping spree once a month or an occasional shopper. It is a good idea to consider your eating habits or at least have a weekly or monthly idea of what are you gonna be eating. If you do groceries once a month, then it’s ok to consider buying products like dried pasta, bulk meats, large bottles of cleaning supplies, etc. Products that can be stored or has a longer shelf life. That way you can reduce the amount of packaging waste by buying in bulk. Instead of goods sold in smaller portions. For occasional shoppers, this is the time to consider using reusable bags or packaging containers In buying goods or product that has a shorter lifespan.


3. Plan your Shopping Trips

And try to shop in places where it has everything or within walking distance for the things that you need for that specific day or schedule. Instead of driving to so many different places. To reduce the chance of using singles use plastic.


4. Consider Local & Be Conscious Shopper 

If you can buy goods or produce within walking distance, then you are more likely to use fewer plastic bags. The same goes for your appliances or small electronics. It’s easy to get enticed to buy the latest gadget or that latest TV. But consider this, instead of buying that latest product, when you have a completely well functioning one at your home. Instead, why not put that money towards your savings or maybe emergency fund for when the time comes where it’s time to buy a new washing machine or something.



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