Tips on How to Start Growing Vegetable Indoors

Tips on How to Start Growing Vegetable Indoors


Winter is already here, but let this not be a hindrance not let your green thumb go on a winter break too. With the right equipment and some patience, indoor gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy during this cold winter month. And of course, a great way to save money and get a head start on your summer garden when the weather gets warm again.


Here are some tips on how to start an indoor garden.


Collect Some Seeds


You can either buy it online or at a gardening/plant store. If that’s not possible, how about setting the seeds aside from your food scraps, like garlic, celery, onions, and cabbages.


Recycle or Repurpose

Don’t have any pots lying around? Why not recycle or reuse food containers from take-outs or maybe repurposing milk jars or ice cream tubs. That way, you save money in the process by not buying some pots anymore. But take note, make sure to clean the containers with bleach and poke some holes in the bottom to allow proper drainage.


Prepare the Soil and/or Potting Mix

This can either be done by purchasing a bag of soil or potting mix online or at a gardening/hardware store. Make sure to be aware of the required soil/potting mix for your desired plant/seeds.


Prepare the Location

Choose a location that gets plenty of suns or if you feel a little bit fancy, there are indoor lights that can be used to provide indoor light for when it’s cloudy outside or not enough sunlight is available.


Be Careful with Watering

Be careful with water. It’s easy to overwater or underwater, so careful monitoring is important.


When in doubt, ask around – or do some research to get the most out of your indoor gardening. You can always ask your local hardware or gardening store employee/person for any questions on what plants are best indoors, what soil is suitable for the plants you have chosen, and many more.



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