The Impact of Plastic Bags/Products on Animals and Wildlife: How Bioplastics Like BioRift Can Help

Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to the health and well-being of animals and wildlife across the globe. Single-use plastic bags and other plastic products wreak havoc on ecosystems, endangering countless species. Fortunately, eco-friendly solutions such as biodegradable bags and bio-plastics offered by companies like BioRift can help mitigate plastic’s detrimental effects on our environment and its inhabitants. This blog post will discuss the impact of plastic bags on animals and wildlife and how alternatives like BioRift’s products can minimize harm.


The Dangers of Plastic Bags/Products on Animals and Wildlife

Entanglement: Animals often become entangled in plastic debris, constricting their movement, and leading to injury, pain, or death. Birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals are particularly vulnerable to plastic entanglement.


Ingestion: Many species mistake plastic as food. Ingesting plastic can lead to blockages, malnutrition, internal damage, and ultimately death (Vegter et al., 2014). Research has shown that nearly 700 species, including endangered ones, have been affected by plastic ingestion.


Habitat destruction: Plastic waste infiltrates habitats, altering the environment and disrupting ecosystems. Microplastics, resulting from the degradation of larger plastic items, accumulate in soil and water, posing risks to the health of various species.


Chemical contamination: Plastics have harmful chemicals in them that can contaminate soil, water, and air. This has an impact on the animal food chain and in turn, animal health. As plastics degrade, these chemicals are released into the environment and can bioaccumulate in animals, leading to reproductive issues and disease.


The Potential of Bio-Plastics Like BioRift’s Products


Reduced Persistence in the Environment: Bioplastics and biodegradable bags break down faster than conventional plastics, limiting their persistence in the environment and decreasing the likelihood of entanglement or ingestion by animals.


Lower Toxicity: BioRift’s products derive from renewable resources and are designed to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. As a result, these products are less likely to contaminate the environment with toxic substances, safeguarding the health of various species.


Compostability: Biodegradable bags, such as those from BioRift, can be composted under the right conditions. This feature means that these products are more likely to be absorbed back into the natural environment, promoting a circular economy and reducing the amount of plastic waste that ultimately harms wildlife.


Awareness and Education: By promoting and adopting biodegradable and eco-friendly alternatives, we can raise awareness of the environmental and wildlife threats caused by conventional plastics. As a result, increased adoption of solutions can lead to a broader societal shift toward sustainable practices and behaviors that protect our environment and its inhabitants.


BioRift’s biodegradable bags and bio-plastic products offer a promising alternative to traditional plastics that threaten the well-being of animals and wildlife. As consumers, industries, and governments increasingly recognize the dangers of plastic pollution and adopt eco-friendly practices, bio-plastics will play a crucial role in protecting our environment and its diverse species.

By choosing to use and promote the adoption of biodegradable and bio-based products like those offered by BioRift, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future that safeguards the health of our precious wildlife and ecosystems.

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