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Recycling is simple to perform and can have a significant impact. It involves turning trash into brand-new, beneficial things. Plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, food and drink cans, trays, tabs, food and beverage cartons, and aluminum foils are among the waste products that can be recycled. Despite the fact that recycling has been practiced for a while, more has to be done in this area given the volume of waste that is disposed of daily.


Here are some reasons recycling is so beneficial to both you and the environment. Recycling enables us to transform our used products into new beneficial ones. To put it another way, it benefits the ecosystem. If you are not already recycling, learn more about how simple it is and how you can truly make a difference. By conserving resources and sending less rubbish to landfills, we are able to lower air and water pollution. Discover the benefits of your recycling efforts and learn what else you might be able to do if you currently recycle.


Let’s recycle with BioRift as your partner in specialty goods and biodegradable plastics. We provide a wide range of reasonably priced 100% biodegradable plastic products made to fit your particular application requirements. Your business will be able to advertise that it is “Eco-Friendly” and help save wildlife animals and the environment by using our scientifically proven biodegradable goods.


While previous “green” solutions were left incomplete in terms of form and function, BioRift is setting a new standard. Our products use cutting-edge scientific research to fulfill their promises, and they are also among the most alluring biodegradable items available. You can advertise your brand while also promoting the environmental programs of your company. You can now get in touch with us to find out more about our biodegradable plastic products, inquire about custom design or sizing possibilities, or learn how to join the BioRift sustainability network.Innovation is at the core of all we do at BioRift. We provide our client partners with some of the most innovative concepts now on the market for plastic that degrades.


Start using biodegradable products to protect wildlife from plastic pollution. Animals have been harmed by plastic for a while, and it’s time to stop. We introduced these biodegradable bags as the initial step in our plan to lessen the harm that plastic trash does to wildlife. Participate in the craze! Saving the world, one bag at a time. This indicates that our products degrade naturally in landfills, which is the most typical way to dispose of waste. This bag has a biodegradation rate of 47.9% after 361 days!


It reaches 100% biodegradation in 4 years! Simply place this bag in your regular trash can or recycling bin without needing to compost it. BIORIFT is establishing a new benchmark. Unlike the majority of products that make this claim, BIORIFT has undergone ASTM D5511 testing. This indicates that our products degrade naturally in landfills, which is how most trash is disposed of. This bag has a biodegradation rate of 47.9% after 361 days!


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