Humans are not the only one that knows How to recycle

News Flash! Humans aren’t the only creature that knows how to recycle. The animal kingdom is filled with creatures that repurpose just about everything, they can get their hands on, or in this case paws? Or maybe tentacle? Regardless, maybe we humans can learn a thing or two about these animals.

Here are some animals that are masters when it comes to recycling and repurposing what is available in nature.


1. Bower Birds

In nature, especially in the animal kingdom, females run the world.  Well, In this case, she gets to decide if the partner is worthy of her “love”. Bower birds are the masters when it comes to interior decorating. Male bower birds will go above and beyond to source out the best furniture, or in this case the best grass, sticks, small stones, pebbles, shells, or in this case bottle caps?  In order to make it more appealing to females on the forest floor.  In the case of the male satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) blue is the way to go, when it comes to the color scheme. Bower birds are native to tropical areas of Australia and Papua New Guinea. These birds are fiercely competitive, because of the limited number of females.


2. Hermit Crabs

If the Bower Birds are the masters of interior decorating, hermit crabs are the real estate agents. In this case, instead of selling a home to other marine creatures, the animal itself is the buyer.  They don’t grow their own shell and have to constantly transfer , or in this case, house hunting from time to time, from one shell to the next. In order to accommodate their growing bodies. They are very vulnerable to predators like seagulls or any animals that inhabit the shorelines or coastlines. They would use leftover shells from other animals.


3. Dung Beetles

Dung beetles would probably be the waste and sanitation managers of the insect kingdom. These insects would seek out manure and roll it into a ball. The “dung” that was made into a ball are then used as food reserves and of course, a female-egg depository for females in the later in the summer season. Despite their “dirty” Reputation, dung beetle, including the sacred scarab beetle of the Egyptians is highly regarded in Egyptian mythology.  As the dung represents the earth and the beetle as the sun. These insects are voracious eaters and can consume more than their body weight in just a short number of hours.


4. Octopi

Considered as among the smartest marine invertebrates, octopuses have been known to display, human-like intelligence by repurposing shells as shelters against predators. But among the species, of octopus, the Coconut octopus is among the top tool users in the animal kingdom. Besides repurposing shells or coconut shells for shelter, they also use it as a tool to catch prey.


5. Corals

Corals are the ultimate filtering agents. They may not be as glamorous or mobile as the other marine animals like seals, penguins, or dolphins, but they are crucial for maintaining the ocean’s waters liveable for other marine organisms. They are champion filter feeders that suck in water or filter microscopic organisms called zooplankton, besides the energy coming to form the zooxanthellae.


Humans of course aren’t the only ones who are good at recycling. In fact, animals have long been recycling their waste way before humans do. Recycling is a collective action that everyone should get involved with, not only it will benefit us humans, but also other organisms as well.




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