How to have a more sustainable office space.



Who says that having a sustainable but also saving money is limited to your household only?  Well, how about your office space? Can you also extend the idea of sustainability and saving money?

Here are a few things you can do to make your office space – a little bit friendly to the environment.


  1. Brainstorm together with your employees or coworkers. – This comes from planning and implementing office rules. Where everyone should participate. Instead of doing all the work and effort on one person. Such as implementing ways to go green. Or plan a group activity like tree planting or clean-up drive. As for inside the office space. Maybe take up some small challenges on going green. e.g., using less paper or bringing your food instead of taking it out for a month. Make all of your team get involved.

  1. Recycle your old – or better yet, use your paper twice to print announcements, documents, and other important notes. Instead of using one paper for one copy. Another great way to also reduce paper usage. Is to use them as scratch paper, tests print, or shred them (except important and confidential documents of course). And use them as packaging materials or an alternative to packaging bubbles.


  1. Bring your utensils or cutlery & food of course. – Take-outs are convenient and less hassle to think about what to pack early in the morning. But another help reduces your waste, especially in the office. Is bringing your utensils and bring packed lunch. That way, you help reduce the amount of plastic trash bag usage, help divert the use of disposable plastic utensils. Since most of them aren’t durable enough, anyways.



  1. Take note of your electricity bill & water bill. – This could be a jumping point to have an idea of how much is being consumed every month. A way to help reduce your electrical and water bill. First and foremost. Turn off the lights when not in use. Also, when washing your hands, turn off the faucet as you lather the soap in your hand. Instead of letting it run for a while. To take it a step further. How about replacing your bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED Bulbs Not only that they brighter, but also energy efficient. They tend to last longer too.


  1. Waste segregation – This goes for everybody. Either the trash in the break room or the main office space. Being aware and of course, doing it, when it comes to waste segregation is important. That way, all of the organic materials such as paper and food waste, can easily be segregated. And the non-biodegradable can be recycled.
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