How to be Fashionable and Sustainable

Fashion accounts to approx. 10% of greenhouse gas emissions are from man-made activities, like manufacturing and production. The idea of being sustainable but still fashionable can be stressful. Opting to forgo brands & clothing trends because of their effect on the environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, fashion, in general, is still damaging to the environment, and the fashion industry still has a long way to go when it comes to caring for the environment. But ultimately, it all lies on the consumers., for they have the purchasing power. That’s why here are some simple ways on how to sustainably approach fashion:


1. Get a tailor, especially the one you like clothing rips, holes, or heel breaks, you don’t necessarily have to throw away the item. It’s important to learn how to repair your clothes or accessories. Better, if you know a professional so you can get an additional mileage on your clothes for years to come.


2. Shop less & invest in classic pieces – You don’t need to buy that trendy piece, only to see it end up on the back of your closet after just a few seasons. Instead invest in items you can wear over and over again, like a pair of good jeans, a dress that is a classic like an LBD (Little black dress), or a good coat or jacket that can work or pair with almost all of your clothes.


3. Take Care of your clothes – Even the cheapest clothes or the good quality garments would last a little longer if they are cared for properly. Look after your clothes as if you can no longer afford to buy another one. Be mindful of your wash cycles and washing requirements, from caring for your wool or cashmere sweaters to making sure you wash your denim inside out. But caring also means investing in tools like a steamer instead of an iron, just to name a few. If you don’t have the budget, then hand washing can be the way to care for your delicate garments.


4. Be informed & Shop smarter – It pays to do a bit of research. Whether you want to support brands that have a sustainable approach to fashion or its environmental impact. It pays to be well informed. With the golden age of information – the internet. It is now easier to educate oneself. In addition, don’t buy clothes or splurging your hard-earned savings on an item you can only wear once or twice. Buy things that have longevity like a good dress that can transition from an office day job to a night event or special occasion.


5. It’s Vintage – You don’t need to buy new clothes all the time. Instead of buying new, maybe try looking for alternatives, like second-hand shops or what they call vintage. Or better, look to your parent’s closet for some vintage pieces. Fashion is temporary, but style is forever.


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