How to Be a little Bit Sustainable for Your Next Barbecue


When summer comes, there is nothing that screams summer than barbecue. Even better when firing up the grill at night. It’s a unique experience, especially when sharing a meal with friends and families.  Even better when eating grilled meat and cold beer on the side

But just like any outdoor activity, a summer barbecue, while yes, they are enjoyable. They can also be a great source of waste. But don’t fret. Here are some simple ways to be a little bit kinder to the environment, while still enjoying that summer barbecue.


  1. Buy Meat in bulk.  

You want to save time and effort so you can spend more time in the pool or relaxing, to say the least.  That’s why it’s tempting to buy food in that pre-package. In almost everything. Pre-cooked, pre-packaged, and pre-marinated. But they generate a lot of plastic and unrecyclable materials like Styrofoam and such. Instead of buying these pre-packaged meats. Why not buy it in Even better if it is locally sourced. That way you can control the portions you want to grill. You can also control the number of ingredients such as seasoning and meat that you want to incorporate. Like adding ground pork or lamb, that adds a layer of flavor to the meat. Want to make it a little bit spicier? Then add some ground chili flakes. It is up to you.


  1. Buy almost everything in bulk.

Just like the meats. If you have a lot of guests coming over. Then why not buy some other things in bulk. Like condiments, additional veggies like onions and other vegetables.  You save a lot by buying in bulk. Instead of buying them individually.  Much better if you can find one that is also locally sourced or can be found at your local farmer’s market.


  1. Research on sustainably sourced wood or charcoal.


This one is kind of tricky. Because not a lot of charcoal or wood that is sustainably sourced isn’t found everywhere. As compared to other major charcoal brands. Because there are some tendencies that some of them are sourced from exploited in developing countries and through deforestation. So, make sure to do your research. Good quality charcoal burns a lot longer. So, they are a worthy investment.


  1. Go more for the plant-based alternative

If you are not a big fan of grilled meat. Then maybe start embracing plant-based meats. Like those made from mushrooms for example. And there are a lot of vegan or vegetarian recipes that are available online. Meats from cattle, pigs, and lamb are one of the greatest contributors to methane. A greenhouse gas that can accelerate global warming because of its heat-trapping qualities.


  1. Reusable cutlery and utensils

For easy clean-up, disposable utensils are a way to go. But they are not very ideal. A lot of single-use plastics. Even if they are considered recyclable. Ends up mostly in landfills. So why not use the ones you have at home? That way you can save up in the long run.


  1. Invest in a good quality grill.

If you want to save up. Especially if you like to host a barbecue every summer. Then it’s better if you can invest in good quality grills. Or if you are the DIY kind of a person. Why not build one? Instead of buying those foil-type grills that can only be used once and then, you have to throw it out.


  1. Let your guests take some of it, home.

It’s easy. When there are too many leftovers. Instead of throwing them away or packing them up and storing them in your fridge. In which they will be relegated to the back. And never be eaten. Why not let your guest bring some of it home.




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