Why We Do This

“We improve landfills, oceans, and wildlife habitats by spreading our mission, love, and BioRift bags around the world.”

Stop The Spread Of Pollution

Amidst the escalating pollution crisis, BioRift is leading the way in pioneering new plastic advancements aimed at securing a future where nature can biodegrade efficiently. Our range of environmentally conscious products is revolutionizing the perspective on plastic waste for upcoming generations and beyond. Our company's essence is rooted in innovation and sustainability, consistently propelling all our endeavors. We are deeply committed to discovering effective resolutions for today's most pressing environmental challenges, leveraging advanced scientific approaches to create and substantiate our offerings.

Every biodegradable plastic remedy we offer undergoes rigorous external assessment to ensure its dependability and incorporates eco-friendly technology geared towards safeguarding the well-being of future generations.

Saving The Wildfire

BioRift embarked on its innovative journey by pioneering the development of plastics that can biodegrade under landfill conditions. This progress has expanded to encompass a range of products like trash can liners and films, all designed to harness the ability to naturally break down.

BioRift's enduring commitment revolves around the preservation of wildlife. To actualize this objective, it's crucial for customers to transition towards using biodegradable bags, thus preventing harm to wildlife in their natural environments. While there might be various approaches to wildlife conservation, adopting biodegradable bags stands as a fundamental measure accessible to every consumer. In a world where each small action holds significance, BioRift firmly believes that the accumulation of these individual strides can collectively contribute to making a tangible difference.

Starting Biorift

Our founders, Josh and Isabelle, have been around the ocean their entire lives. They both spent time on the Florida coast, swimming and Fishing. After being a part of several Volunteer cleaning groups, Josh and Isabelle decided to make a stance. That’s when BioRift was born. After years of testing and analyzing, the first product was created and sold online.

Today, their goal is to not only keep our oceans and beaches clean, but to help save the wildlife who have already been affected by plastic pollution. They are now in the process of creating more consumer and business focused products that everyone can afford and use daily. It starts with small steps towards a big goal and then, before you know it, everyone is using biodegradable

"Make A Big Impact

By Making Little Impact"

Ernest Hemingway

American Journalist