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Going Green Should Feel Natural

Our environmentally friendly products are supported by science and proudly bear the coveted ASTM D5511 and ASTM D5526 validations, which attest to their biodegradability in landfills, which account for the majority of waste disposal on Earth. Cutlery, film wraps, bags, bottles, trash can liners, and other BioRift biodegradable plastic products are a wise choice for lowering your company's environmental impact. Our entire line of products is created by scientists to work in unison with nature, maximizing eco-benefits at the lowest possible price.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

We want you to be apart of the process and our mission to save our earth and reduce our carbon footprint

Our ASTM D5511 Validation information can be found at

With so much competing information available, it’s easy to understand how confusion and controversy exists around “green” initiatives and biodegradable plastics. However, once you separate the fact from fiction, the answer becomes clear – BioRift biodegradable solutions are one of the best ways to reduce pollution and help save our environment. While others may claim to offer comparable eco-friendly products, the reality is that most fall short. Many of these so-called “green” solutions offer little or no scientific evidence to prove their reliability. Others have stipulations as to how or where their products work best – usually not in the “real world” landfills that modern society depends on. BioRift is different. We create biodegradable plastic products that work for the way we live.

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