Saving Our World One Bag At a Time




We help save over 500 animals per year for every product purchased

Welcome to BioRift – your reliable ally in the realm of biodegradable plastics and specialty products. Our extensive range features budget-friendly solutions that are 100% biodegradable, tailored to suit your unique application requirements. By adopting our scientifically-proven biodegradable products, your company not only champions an "Eco-Friendly" identity but also plays a vital role in safeguarding wildlife and preserving our planet's well-being.

One Bag To Help Save One Seal


BioRift's biodegradable bags exhibit a natural degradation rate of 47.9% within a span of 361 days.


Utilization of biodegradable products contributes to a decreased reliance on fossil-fuel derived items across the globe.


Most human made products and factories destroy the environment and habitat of many animals. Start cleaning up our earth with BioRift.

Uplift Your Commitment to the Environment

At BioRift, innovation isn't simply a buzzword; it's ingrained in the very core of our operations. We extend a hand to our client partners, spanning from Fortune 100 giants to budding startups, presenting them with some of the most imaginative and forward-looking concepts within the realm of biodegradable plastics.

While prior endeavors in the "green" sector often fell short in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, BioRift is revolutionizing the norm. Our products not only draw upon cutting-edge scientific exploration to fulfill their commitments but also stand as some of the most visually appealing biodegradable solutions obtainable. We specialize in tailoring sizes and styles to fit various needs, even incorporating your existing corporate logo onto a plethora of items. This means you can now bolster your brand identity while concurrently championing your organization's eco-conscious initiatives.

Reach out to us without delay to delve into the world of our biodegradable plastic offerings. Inquire about personalized designs, sizing alternatives, or discover the process of becoming a BioRift sustainability collaborator. Your journey towards a greener tomorrow starts here.