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Tips on How to Start Growing Vegetable Indoors

Tips on How to Start Growing Vegetable Indoors   Winter is already here, but let this not be a hindrance not let your green thumb go on a winter break too. With the right equipment and some patience, indoor gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy during this cold winter month. And of […]

Brief Introduction to Microplastics

Brief Introduction to Microplastics   Before diving into the topic of microplastics, Plastic has brought modern conveniences to mankind. Plastics can remain sterile, it’s a flexible material, strong but lightweight and of course, it’s cheap to manufacture. That’s why, almost any industry, like food and manufacturing, transportation, the infrastructure just to name a few, has […]

Ways on How to Reduce Food Waste

The invention of plastic has revolutionized the way people live. But the problem with plastics especially the notorious single-use ones, it takes thousands of years for them to degrade. The problem with plastics and their impact on the environment, dealing with plastics has now become an environmental issue. Much so for developing countries. where they […]

Recycling Symbols found in Plastics

Recycling Symbols Found in Plastics    Most plastics are recyclable, but it’s the people that are sometimes the problem. A majority of the plastics, despite their recyclable properties, most of them aren’t recycled. With at least 8 million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean annually. So to help kickstart your journey towards recycling, we […]

Is It Time for Companies to Consider Sustainable Packaging?

Is It Time for Companies to Consider Sustainable Packaging?   Sustainable packaging or even sustainable practices used to be a novel idea. Eco-friendly packaging wasn’t even on the majority for companies and businesses’ radar until this past few years. The issue of global warming and plastic waste has resulted in consumers becoming aware of the […]

Some Animals that are Vulnerable to Plastic Pollution

Our dependence on plastics  are almost  woven to every facet of our lifestyle. What’s worse, despite the studies that have been published and data that are available about the harmful effects of plastics, there is seem to no end to our dependence. Among the animals on earth, marine organisms some of the most vulnerable organisms […]

Ways on How Animals Can Benefit from Recycling

Ways on How Animals Can Benefit from Recycling Plastics have been around only since the 1950s, and today modern civilizations become so dependent on it, that imagining a world where plastic is non – existent is almost impossible. Because of their structure, they don’t degrade similar to other carbon-based materials, despite being based on petroleum […]

Humans are not the only one that knows How to recycle

News Flash! Humans aren’t the only creature that knows how to recycle. The animal kingdom is filled with creatures that repurpose just about everything, they can get their hands on, or in this case paws? Or maybe tentacle? Regardless, maybe we humans can learn a thing or two about these animals. Here are some animals […]