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4 Ways People Can Do to be Much Kinder to the Environment

Plastic is probably one of the greatest inventions by mankind. The benefits of using plastic are almost endless. Plastics are everywhere, from food packaging and wrapping, clothes, wearable devices. They are utilized in so many areas such as medicine, healthcare, food, industrial manufacturing, construction, and many more. What makes plastic, tempting to use is; the manufacturing and production is cheap, its uses are almost unlimited, it’s flexible and versatile in nature. So basically, mankind has relied heavily on plastic, can’t probably live without it. But the problem with, plastic is that they don’t degrade, if they do, it would take millions of years for it to be completely reduced to nothing.

According to the U.S. Environmental Agency, approx. only 8% of the 31 million tons of plastic waste produced each year is recycled. The rest then ends up as drain clogging debris in waterways, threatening wildlife habitats, both marine and terrestrial. Some end up on places where they can degrade and wreak havoc on the natural soil chemistry, by releasing toxic chemicals into the soil, then later end up on underground water systems, then to rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

In short, plastic isn’t good, so why switching to biodegradable bags can help save the environment?

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  1. Try Switching to Alternative Forms of Packaging.

One of the hardest parts of living a sustainable life is switching to products that are much kinder to the environment. One of which is using biodegradable plastic bags, or better yet, using a reusable grocery bag. People are used to carrying large amounts of plastic bags, and then throwing them afterward when they get home. Switching to biodegradable plastic bags, and repurposing them, could help reduce the amount of being thrown to landfills. Or Better yet, repurpose or go package free – Instead of using alternative forms of packaging, how about reusing grocery bags the next time you go grocery shopping.

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  1. The Power of Consumer Demands.

More and more people are starting to become an informed citizen, whether be buying a house, getting a new phone, or even buying things in the grocery, people are now doing their research and making informed decisions. That’s why, if more people will demand manufacturers to start catering to consumer demands, especially with less packaging or opting for a more recyclable approach, or If people will continue to demand decomposable plastic, manufacturers will have no choice but to innovate in order to chase that consumer money.

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  1. People Want to Make A Positive Impact.

It feels great knowing you have made a positive difference, no matter how small it is. As more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of human consumption, in relation to its impact on the environment. Whether it’s volunteering for a clean-up drive or making a conscious decision in reducing the carbon footprint. People are doing the best they can to be much kinder to the environment. A study PwC in Germany, more Europeans would prefer environmentally friendly packaging, especially in the food and fashion industry.

  1. Concern for the next generation.

Taking a step now, to ensure the next generation will have a much better place. Informed consumers know that switching to a much environmentally friendly plastic or better yet sustainable form of packaging, not only will help manufacturers to continue doing business but also, everyone will benefit in the long run. Choosing alternative forms of plastic, like biodegradable plastic bags or sustainable forms of packaging will not solve, humanities problem with plastics. But as the technology continues to improve, switching to biodegradable plastic as of now, is one small step to sustainable living, hopefully, in the future, the need for plastics will just be a thing of the past.

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